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Massage Oil - Silky smooth pain relieving massage

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Arthritis + Cannabidiol = Arthridiol (ar-thri-dye-ol)

Soften and soothe with a gentle massage. Pure argan oil is infused with anti-inflammatory arnica montana extract and pain-relieving CBD. The Arthridiol Topical Oil has a silky, lightweight texture that sinks into your skin with deep hydration.

This nourishing oil is also a rich source of fatty acids and phenolic compounds, which may reduce inflammation. Our synergistic formula combines three homeopathic ingredients that are proven to help alleviate discomfort. Massage the Arthridiol CBD oil on your hands, feet or any areas of discomfort to relax and unwind with less pain. 

  1. Anti-inflammatory argan oil with fatty acids 
  2. Antiseptic arnica montana for wound healing
  3. Pain-relieving cannabidiol 

          INGREDIENTSArgan Oil, Arnica Montana. Cannabidiol.


          LAB RESULTS



          ARGAN OIL ICON

          ARGAN OIL

          Gentle, beautifying Argan oil is commonly used in cosmetics, skincare and hair products. It has also been shown to meaningfully reduce symptoms of knee osteoarthritis when studied in clinical trials. There's also evidence to suggest that Argan oil can help to improve physical activity in pain sufferers.


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          This is really the standout ingredient in this healing formula. You may know Arnica montana as one of the most common homeopathic, plant-based medicines in use today. This yellow, daisy-like flower found on meadows and hills is a superstar when it comes to easing muscle pain, discomfort or stiffness. Natural healers and mountain people have known about the powerful properties of Arnica for centuries. Modern research is now supporting the effectiveness of Arnica for healing and pain relief. Multiple studies reviewing the effects of Arnica on hundreds of participants have yielded positive results. It is believed that the helenalin and dihydrohelenalin found in Arnica may alter the action of immune cells to reduce pain-causing inflammation.



          Based on consumer reviews CBD is noticed to have anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects which may offer an alternative option for those living with chronic pain and relying on prescription medications.

          Massage Oil - Silky smooth pain relieving massage

          Massage Oil - Silky smooth pain relieving massage